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ERO Emergency Response Officer

Are you looking for a professional course to qualify as a company emergency response officer (BHV)?

Our ERO course offers everything you need to become competent and skilled as the first link in the emergency assistance chain. In one day you will learn how to raise the alarm, the basic skills to help a casualty, resuscitate, extinguish a starting fire, and how to evacuate. You also learn how to treat casualties with respect. Our course guarantees that you master the necessary qualities and skills to function as a company emergency response officer, as laid down in the NedCert competence profile.

Register today for our emergency response officer course and be ready to act in emergency situations!

bhv cursus den haag

Content of the ERO course day

Experience a special day and step into another world, which can become reality on your own work floor.

You learn about and work with the various types of personal protective equipment that are essential for a first responder. This includes, for example, gloves, a safety vest, and a safety helmet. We emphasize the importance of using these equipment correctly to protect yourself during an emergency situation.

You receive training in basic first aid techniques, including life-saving measures such as wound treatment, recognizing symptoms, and prioritizing victims. Additionally, you learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) during resuscitation.

Here you learn how to use various types of materials and dressings from a trauma kit to control severe bleeding. This includes properly applying a tourniquet and using hemostatic dressings, among others. These skills are crucial in providing first aid for life-threatening bleeding.

In following America’s example,  NedCert initiated the national campaign “Stop the bleed” in 2015 to raise awareness among everyone that they should immediately control a bleeding as it can save lives.

You learn about fire prevention and firefighting techniques. This includes understanding different fire classes and the use of fire extinguishers such as water, carbon dioxide, foam/powder, and fire blankets. The goal is to familiarize yourself with effectively and safely fighting incipient fires.

Here you learn how to act quickly and effectively in accidents to minimize further damage. This includes assessing the situation, taking appropriate precautions, and providing assistance to victims until professional help arrives.

You learn how to conduct a swift and organized evacuation in case of an emergency. This includes knowing and understanding evacuation procedures, effectively alerting others, and guiding people to a safe location.

During this exercise, you apply the learned evacuation methods in a realistic scenario. This allows you to test and, if necessary, improve your response skills.

You learn how to communicate effectively during an emergency. This includes using communication devices such as phones and radios to transmit information quickly and clearly. Additionally, you will be taught how and when to contact emergency services and what essential information to relay.

BHV / ERO renew

This training day also is suitable as a refresher or when someone has done a BHV course before at another organisation.

Learn from the pros

Classes are taught by our NedCert certified instructor Sylvia Kouijzer, who provides compact no-nonsense courses with many practical exercises in a modern way. By applying a balanced mix of learning styles, the course components are fun, educational and engaging from start to finish, both online and during the course day. We keep the groups small so that you receive a lot of personal attention.

BHV cursus Den Haag


Sylvia Kouijzer
toepassen tourniquet

The ERO certificate is valid for 2 years

The examination is conducted by NedCert Certification according to ISO 17024. If someone succeeds, he receives a certificate Emergency Response Officer (BHV). The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course fee

The price of the ERO course includes the textbook and the use of emergency response training materials, bandages, AED’s, extinguishers.

Use the training funds in your industry. They often contribute to training costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NedCert is a well-known, internationally active Dutch certification institution. Since 2004, it has been issuing certificates for professional competence in the fields of prevention, occupational emergency response, and emergency medical care.
The NedCert Stakeholder Board is responsible for the content of each certificate. This board consists of representatives from employers, employees (certificate holders), and training providers.
After successfully passing the exam, the certificate is issued to declare the person’s professional competence. This certificate instills confidence that the person can function effectively and efficiently in the respective field. The certificates are issued in accordance with ISO 17024.
Click here for the NedCert website.

The abbreviation BHV/ERO can mean 3 things:

  • Company emergency response officer
  • Citizen assistance provider
  • Basic assistance provider
BHV is mandatory for every employer and also for associations and event organizers. This obligation can be found in the  Working Conditions Act and the Regulations for fire-safe use and basic assistance for other places.

Yes, our BHV / ERO certificate is valid for 2 years!
This means that the Emergency Response Officer only has to attend an ERO day after 2 years.

Policy rules on working conditions legislation
These policy rules are expired. However, they are the last described most concrete guidance for the government. It roughly stated the following: every two years, at least 8 hours are spent per Emergency Response Officer on refresher courses and exercises.

How often the ERO must attend a course is NOT stated in the Working Conditions Act. Of course it is good to practice a few times every year, such as an evacuation drill, but that must be done at your company. You must, however, be able to demonstrate that you have competent ERO’s and that is possible with an official NedCert certificate.

The Emergency Response Officer provides assistance within companies and organisations.

According to Article 15 of the Working Conditions Act, a company with employees and / or visitors must have Emergency Response Officers. The emergency response officers must have followed training. If a company is still small, the owner may be the Emergency Response Officer himself.

It depends, among other things, on the size of the company and the risks that exist in a company, how many Emergency Response Officers there must be. Click here for the NedCert online calculation tool to calculate the approximate number of Emergency Response Officers.
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Reviews, student experiences ...

Randa Bouyazdouzen
Lees verder
Ik vond het heel leerzaam om hieraan deel te nemen, mijn complimenten aan de intstructeur die ons deze cursus heeft gegeven. Alles is heel goed en duidelijk uitgelegd.
Mariam Occhialini
Hoshizaki Europe
Lees verder
Trainer is great, explains well and clearly. Practical exercises are good and well done. Trainer is involving everyone, checking all participants have understood and could follow. Energizing and well prepared. Thank you.
Elisabeth Page
Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada
Lees verder
Thank you for the fun learning day! On my part I have learned a lot and feel much more capable of using these skills in a real life situation. Thanks to the trainer she was great!
Maarten-Douwe Zeilmaker
Rever Interieurprojecten
Lees verder
Het was fijn dat de training op onze eigen locatie werd gegeven, alles werd uitvoerig doorgenomen met een deskundige begeleiding.
Viola Pinto
Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada
Lees verder
Great course. Look forward to the refresher.
Suwilyne Da Costa Gomez
Arc Healthcare
Lees verder
Top cursus, veel nuttige informatie, vriendelijk en duidelijk.
Cleotie Alentajan
Hoshizaki Europe
Lees verder
Dear Sylvia, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I appreciate the practical examples. All the best!
Angélique Beets
Rever Interieurprojecten
Lees verder
Sylvia is een hele fijne docent die de stof, duidelijk, helder en bondig verwoordde. Daarnaast bracht zij een fijne, ontspannen sfeer mee en corrigeerde direct waar nodig. Bedankt voor de leerzame en leuke dag!
Melinda Breugom
Protestantse Gemeente Voorburg
Lees verder
Leuke, nuttige, praktijkgerichte cursus!
Iris van der Mije
DierenDokters Zandvoort
Lees verder
Sylvia heeft echt een prima BHV presentatie gehouden en op een zeer prettige manier tips en tools gegeven tijdens de praktische oefeningen. Ook gaf ze duidelijke antwoorden op onze vragen. Hartelijk bedankt!
Muriëlle de Hoog
Happy Nurse
Lees verder
Leerzame lesdag, fijne instructrice, goed verzorgde lunch en fijne afwisseling van praktijk/theorie.
Maria Petit
Synthesis Institute B.V.
Lees verder
Sylvia was lovely as a trainer. She got the message across in a light, fun and clear way. Very easy to learn with Sylvia.
Flore Hageman
Happy Nurse
Lees verder
Sylvia is een rustig en prettige instructeur. Het was een relaxte dag waarbij we veel geleerd hebben en ook wat gelachen.
Kimberly Scholte
Easy Montage & Techniek B.V.
Lees verder
Een super leuke leerzame BHV cursus gevolgd bij Sylvia, ze legt het leuk en duidelijk uit, geeft ruimte om vragen te stellen en weet duidelijk waar ze het over heeft. Een leuke no-nonsens manier van een cursus volgen. Ik kan het iedereen die een BHV cursus wil volgen aanraden.
Jessica Grotfeldt
Synthesis Institute B.V.
Lees verder
Sylvia was a fantastic instructor who was very patient and clear. The day was very informative and even fun. I would recommend this course and Sylvia!
Ronald Ruigrok
Ruigrok groep B.V.
Lees verder
Ik heb met plezier de cursus gevolgd. De oefenstof was duidelijk en de docente, was goed benaderbaar voor vragen en legde de stof goed uit.
Astrid Bernaards
Huisartspraktijk Soeter
Lees verder
Zeer rustige ontspannen sfeer. Duidelijke uitleg.
Mariëtte Verhoef
Huisartspraktijk Soeter
Lees verder
Hartstikke leuke en leerzame dag. Duidelijke informatie en met praktijk erbij een goed beeld krijgen van de informatie.
Aleida Knopper
KDV Queeny
Lees verder
Ik heb nieuwe dingen geleerd, en nieuwe oefeningen gedaan die ik nog niet eerder in een cursus aangeboden heb gekregen.
Jubbe Rademaker
MultiSafepay B.V.
Lees verder
Bedankt, was leerzaam en zeer belangrijk.
Camille Boulet
Tony’s Chocolonely
Lees verder
Definitely learned a lot today, and apart from being really useful skills, it's also something nice to share with colleagues.